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My idea of Ideal Physique

So, you’re obese, fatty, trying to slim down?

Or, you’re a skinny monkey trying to pack on some meat?

What is an Ideal Physique, and realistically achievable? What is your gauge or reference?

Normal BMI – I know you’re going to say this, however BMI is almost useless, as it doesn’t tell what percentage of fat or muscles you have. You can be in ‘healthy’ zone, but made-up with mostly fat, which is actually unhealthy.

Sportsmen Physique – Yes, but what kind of sports? A swimmer body? A sumo wrestler body? Different sports will result in different body; or sometimes, the preferred body type is pre-selected for certain sports. So what kind of sportsman body do you want?

Personally, I use a rule-of-thumb (applicable to most males, unless you’re extremely short or tall).

The formula is this (regardless of race, language, or religion):

To look decently fit, sporty, athletic, one should be at least:

  • Height (cm) – 100 = Weight (kg), and, with reasonable body fat percentage.

For myself, I would look decent if my weight is at least:

  • 175cm – 100 = 75kg

Of course, if you like to follow the contemporary trend of skinny / slim physique like those K-Pop celebrities, up to you. I’m in no position to judge you. 🙂

To each his own.


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